About Us

The Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists is a society which represents clinical and hearing aid audiologists working in the private hearing aid sector in the Republic of Ireland. It is committed to promoting high professional and ethical standards in the profession and encourages the professional development of its members.

ISHAA continues to play an important role in the ever changing world of consumer care and hearing instrument fitting and provision. ISHAA welcomes contact from members of the public and directs enquiries from them to its members. The Society maintains regular contact with other appropriate organisations and government Departments engaged in the wide spectrum of audiology in Ireland today.

Our Responsibility to Audiology:

A robust foundation of knowledge and proficiencies in hearing aid audiology and acoustics is a vital necessity for providing hearing and communication rehabilitation which meets the client’s needs and expectations; and the current standards of technological and medical progress. In pursuit of the Societies objective to encourage the highest standards in the practice of hearing aid audiology, members shall actively seek information and training for state-of-the-art hearing aid communication systems and their proper application.

ISHAA regularly organise events and support activities to ensure its members receive up to date information about their profession. Continuing Educational support is also provided to help members stay abreast with evolving technology and the latest developments in the profession of hearing instruments and audiology. ISHAA Education initiatives for CPD are consistant and support ISHAA members with their compliance with the Societies standards for continuing professional development as set out in the societies memorandums and articles of association.

Our members will use the letters MISHAA after their name ( Member of Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists ). If they follow a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development program to develop their professional and education knowledge further to meet the necessary criteria as set down by the Society,  they can become Fellows of the Society and may use the letters FISHAA after their name. Achieving Fellowship status within the Society acknowledges the members efforts in developing their skills and knowledge for the betterment of their practice and more importantly their clients. If you visit a hearing aid audiologist ask them if they are members of ISHAA.

All our members must adhere to the Societies Code of Professional Conduct which is binding and a condition of their on going membership.

Mission Statement:

ISHAA are dedicated to maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality professional hearing care and aftercare by ensuring that the standards of practice are maintained by continuous professional development. In doing so the most recent advances in hearing aid hearing aid technology are provided thereby preserving, protecting and enhancing hearing and further more upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.