Corona Virus & Covid-19 Advisory

**UPDATED 20th May 2020**

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Re: Updates to Delivery of Hearing Aid Audiology services during the COVID-19 Pandemic Document

Dear ISHAA Member,

Following further advice from the HSE, HPSC, Dept of Health and the Government announcement of the multiphase of Irelands reopening road map. The Delivery of HAA Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic document has been updated. Please see updates below. The document will be updated as we hopefully move from one phase to the next, and as new recommendations come from the various departments.

It is important that as a society we continue to do our part in helping to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As we reopen our practices adhering to the societies COVID-19 Practice guidelines and recommendations is essential. We have a duty of care to our clients / patients, our staff, our families, and ourselves.

The update document is available for Download here :

ISHAA Delivery of HAA Services during Covid-19 - UPDATES 20th May 2020

Stay Safe, Stay Well,

ISHAA Secretary 


**UPDATED 28th April 2020**

Dear ISHAA Member,

A clinical guidance and best practice document entitled - Delivery of Hearing Aid Audiology Service during the Covid-19 Pandemic has been released.

This document serves to provide hearing healthcare practitioners with a basis for them to provide specific urgent requirements. Whilst at the same time adhering to strict safe, social and physical distancing guidelines.

It is available for download in the members area and also here: 

**Delivery of Hearing Aid Audiology Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic**

This document will be updated to reflect current guidelines from the HPSC, HSE , Dept of Health and the Government.

Be Well and Stay Safe

ISHAA Secretary


Dear Member,

Hearing Aid Audiology has been recognised by the HSE as an essential service for the hard of hearing during the Covid-19 emergency.

The HSE have stated to ISHAA where possible, to provide a service which is safe and in line with the national guidelines on safe distance. The recommendation is to operate a closed-door policy whereby clients can be assessed regarding their concerns in relation to hearing loss and medical device issues by phone and where appropriate a drop off repair service.

If the client requires  , in emergencies a face to face appointment may be deemed necessary,this service must be conducted following the HSE Covid-19 guidelines for each type of contact, for example the 15-minute exposure, the use of appropriate PPE.

It is vital that we play our part in stemming the spread of Covid-19.

I remain in contact with HSE officials,and will have ongoing updates from the government in relation to how we can ensure continuity of essential services during these unprecedented times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

Derek Lacey

ISHAA President


Dear ISHAA Member,

As an organisation we have a responsibility to advise members and to do what we can to stop the spread of the Corona virus Covid-19. You will have undertaken all recommended precautions in relation to the health and safety for yourselves and clients in order to remain healthy in the context of this pandemic. As healthcare professionals, it is important to keep up to date with current advice to support your clients, and I want to assure you that ISHAA is actively monitoring the current situation with regards to Covid-19.

As you are aware, Ireland is currently in the delay phase and advice is subject to change within any 24hr period. As an Audiologist, in keeping with our codes of practice, your primary obligation is to ensure your own health and well-being and that of your colleagues and clients. It is equally important that you keep abreast of guidelines from the HPSC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) as the situation escalates. Many of you will have clients that will need to be seen for urgent consultations regarding their hearing loss; please apply the guidance issued by the HPSC and the HSE with the maximum contact time of 15 minutes per client.

The HPSC have highlighted in their communications that the following should be adhered to.

1. Environmental cleaning/disinfecting all areas in use.

2. Cleaning all communal areas that are in use.

In discussion with the department of Treatment and Benefit today, I have secured their agreement to suspend from today [18th March 2020] until further notice the need to require a GP’s signature on the MA3 form. This measure will be most useful in facilitating a speedy turnaround for client payment.

As this is an evolving situation which will be kept under review, ISHAA will assist members by seeking clarifications, based on advice from the HSE and the HPSC. Updates will be circulated as appropriate and you are asked to ensure that you check your email and the membership log-in on

Further information can be found here :

Health Service Executive -

Department of Health -

European Centre for Disease Control -

Health Protection Surveillance Centre -

I want to thank the Board of ISHAA and all the members for their continued efforts during this difficult period as it is important that we work together to take care of our clients and indeed ourselves and our families.

Keep well,

Mr.Derek Lacey FISHAA

ISHAA President