Hearing Conservation

Our ear is a complex and highly sensitive organ. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage or a Noise Induced Hearing Loss ( NIHL). If you work or regularly spend time in environments where loud noise is common, you could be damaging your hearing without even realising it. Noise-induced hearing loss generally occurs gradually over time and goes virtually unnoticed until it is too late.

Evidences of NIHL include a history of exposure to loud sound and a hearing loss in a narrow range of frequencies, such as those from gunfire, power tools, explosions and night club music. The best option for protecting your hearing is first lowering the volume at the source of the sound.

There are many hearing protection products available in the market place today. They vary in sophistication and effectiveness. You will find simple foam insert plugs to Custom Made hearing protectors with interchangeable filters offering varying levels of measured attenuation.

However, noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented and further damage to your hearing can be avoided by wearing hearing protection. Your ISHAA registered and qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist can recommend a hearing protection solution that will suit you and your particular noise hazard.